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The City of Dijon with Facility Land for Administration of Public Buildings

Ville de Dijon uses Facility Land to set up a CMMS (Maintenance Management) tool and a GPAO (Asset Management) tool.

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The main missions of the Public Buildings Administration, which depends on the Ministry of Public Works are as follows:

  • the study and execution of construction and transformation projects for public buildings;

  • maintenance and repair of public buildings and rented buildings;

  • the acquisition and maintenance of furniture and special equipment assigned to public service buildings;

  • control and maintenance of technical and security installations in buildings occupied by public services;

  • the appraisal of built properties to be acquired or sold by the State as well as the determination of the rental value of buildings;

  • the establishment and updating of the inventory of public buildings and the preparation of the related graphic and photographic documentation.

Project scope :

  • 1,000,000 m2

  • 25,000 / 30,000 installations / equipment managed

  • 19,000 applicants

  • 130 to 160 interventions per day

  • 19 Technical packages

The issues existed:

  • Lack of process harmonization

  • Lack of management tool for the "maintenance" activity

  • Manual reporting

The must" :

“Scalability of the solution Durability of technological choices; Full integration of the IFC standard. ".

The objective of the IT department of the city of Dijon was to set up:

- A maintenance management tool (CMMS) to improve:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • the quality of curative maintenance and cost optimization

  • the management of contractual commitments of service providers (multi-service, multi-technique, single-technique, etc.)

  • monitoring regulatory compliance

  • preventive maintenance

  • planning of work and major regular maintenance (GER) and associated budgets

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- A CAPM tool:

  • management of city buildings and schools

  • mastery of inventories

  • taking charge of the structures

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


To achieve this vision, the city of Dijon wanted:


1. Set up a complete and accurate inventory of its real estate and movable assets of the State with continuous updating.

2. Gradually adopt a planned preventive maintenance approach to increase its overall profitability.

3. Develop your organization and ways of working to preserve the operational value as well as the economic value of heritage.

4. Equip yourself with a tool to be able to plan, in a transparent, objective and systematic way, its financial resources for maintenance and modernization in the short and medium term.

5. Improve its profitability, its performance as well as the quality of services to its customers by analyzing its needs and by learning about the systems developed and used by others.

6. Stimulate the circulation of information inside as well as outside the Administration.

7. Acquire a high-performance information system that will:

  • manage descriptive heritage data (information, documents, graphics, plans, photos);

  • assess the state of health of the heritage as well as the state of compliance with standards and functional needs;

  • manage qualitative information;

  • define, plan, manage in parallel all preventive maintenance and modernization interventions;

  • define and manage a preventive maintenance and modernization budget;

  • communicate both inside and with our partners outside.


8. Upgrade its IT infrastructure.

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