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Ariane Group for Space Planning

The Space Management and Relocation / Logistics department of Ariane Group aims to manage office buildings at European level. Multi-site and 100% BIM / Revit solution with the Facility Land platform from TM Facility.


As part of the project to set up the management of the Space Land heritage and the implementation of the multisite solution and the SAML v2 SSO connection:

• Upgrade to BIM (Building Information Modeling) by Autodesk Revit.

• Data isolation between subsidiary sites.

• Integration of key management and allocation procedures.

Mastery of asset management and its maintenance is a crucial issue for tertiary buildings including banks, in order to pool their technical knowledge, control costs, and perpetuate their valuation through optimized maintenance with all stakeholders. .

5 8.png

The Real Estate Departments and Logistics Services, by sharing information more effectively, can benefit from management tools to make the right decisions at the right time.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Information on the occupancy of premises (coordination between leases and occupancy needs, available space, occupancy density), management of building services (troubleshooting, curative and preventive maintenance, regulatory compliance), monitoring of services residents (meeting rooms, badges, etc.) are under control thanks to the Facility Land solution.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Thanks to the Facility Land solution, the technical characteristics of each of your buildings appear before your eyes.

You move virtually in this 3D universe (with plan management option) to find the information that interests you. All the technical data are now just a click away, you can manage them as you see fit.

Surface & zoning.png

The objectives and the results are there: With the Space Land solution of TM Facility, TM and the Space Planning team of Ariane Group carried out:

  • The upgrade of the graphics base in Autodesk Revit to reach 100% BIM: optimization of surface use, calculation of surfaces and tax offices.

  • The new integrated system makes it possible to manage the cylinders, the keys, the passes.

  • The zoning of the occupancy of the premises by type of surface: Identification of types of surfaces, Zoning of the room, Saving of the zoning, Consistency check, Editing of the zoned floor plan.

  • Positioning of workstations: Creation of the necessary number of workstations in each room, Consistency check, Editing of the floor plan with number of workstations.

  • Positioning of people: Assignment of occupants by floor / room / workstation, Consistency check, Editing of the floor plan with occupants.

  • An "easy to deploy" solution

A high-level service team with experience in deploying the modules of the Facility Land offer

And “e-Learning”: training programs available on the web.

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