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Problématique de l'occupation des surfaces et solutions BIM.

The goal of real estate managers is to make their buildings function as well as possible with a constrained budget. They will then be particularly attentive to optimal management. Occupancy management - Facility Management This is the administrative, technical and financial management related to the occupation of a real estate portfolio (quality of service provided, operation and maintenance, optimization of occupancy conditions in terms of cost and user comfort). This function is at the interface between the owner of a building stock and its occupants if they are different. It ensures the day-to-day functions for which the property is intended.

BIM Operations and CMMS: two complementary tools to improve the maintenance of buildings and equipment The creation of the BIM-GEM will be simplified by using the original BIM file and the DOE (file of executed works) sent to the owner at the end of the work. The extraction of project data can then be used to feed the CMMS (computer-assisted maintenance management), but also the building's BMS and GTC. The CMMS tool will make it possible to bring together all the information and actions of equipment maintenance workers (these electronic / computer devices are very numerous in a healthcare establishment) with all the up-to-date data on their condition, their location. and the history of breakdowns and maintenance interventions. BIM-GEM does not necessarily stop at the structure of the building and its technical equipment (building management systems, SSI, access control, etc.), but it is possible to represent (with a low LoD) machines of all types, or even mobile equipment, in order to have an inventory, their location, associate technical documentation, date of installation, date of revision, etc. The goal is to have a digital twin of the entire building, potentially. This maintenance log will make it possible to improve and share heritage knowledge based on BIM data, technical and regulatory documentation, date of installation or end of warranty, inventory. It also allows you to view indicators on the occupation of space. "With contextualized hypervision via 3D of data from the CMMS, the goal is to reduce the time to find faulty equipment. It allows you to quickly view real-time data, technical documentation, in order to reduce intervention time.

Good management of the occupancy of the building's surfaces and techniques allows savings in financial, ecological, time, travel, human resources and logistics.

Space Land, from TM Facility, responds to requests from property managers.

The Real Estate Department anticipates future real estate needs. She can manage the heritage and has decision support. Department managers have details of the areas billed to them. The Finance Department makes tax returns more reliable (business taxes, office taxes, etc.) and has better visibility of future investments. The Technical Services precisely manage the technical data of the heritage. The Heritage Manager has a clear view of the condition of his buildings on a daily basis and decides on the necessary actions: interventions, works, scheduled maintenance, etc. The Real Estate Department has reliable information to decide on investment priorities.

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