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Keys Management

Management of keys, cylinders, badges and passes.

Every general service manager has already experienced the difficulty of managing keys or access badges for one or more sites. The keys give access to buildings, installations, sensitive rooms, equipment, machines and vehicles. In short, keys are one of your most important assets in your business. Too many organizations still rely on a written record of the problem and the collection of keys. This method is inefficient, unreliable, and makes key tracing virtually impossible. Key management software should provide you with a simple and secure answer to managing keys and single-site or multi-site access. The key management software can simultaneously manage the links between Keys + Cylinders + Locks + Doors + Staff of an establishment, a municipality, a company building or a site of several buildings. An establishment that has to manage hundreds of different accesses with hundreds of people, with different rights.

Find out how key management software can help you improve your management, save you money and improve security. Here are the main features that the key management software must have : - Import of files (possibly existing) in Excel format. - what is the key (or keys) that opens the door to room x? - how to assign a key to a person. - what are the keys that this or that person has? - who are the people who have access to room x? - know the history of each key, its allocation, its losses, etc ... - what are the keys to order? - what are the characteristics of the door to room x? (barrel length for example) - who is the supplier of such key? - Pass management Key & Lock for TM Facility Key Management.

  • Know your equipment.

  • Search, locate cylinders / keys.

  • How to manage the equipment.

  • Add, modify and delete equipment.

  • Understand the equipment management workflow

  • How to assign and recover a key.

  • Take inventory.

  • Use Heatmap and Pivot reports.

  • Explore the dashboards

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