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Paris 13 University with the Facility Management Space Land solution

The Services of the Department of Heritage and Real Estate Logistics (DPLI) are responsible for managing the occupancy of premises and technical management for 453,000 M².

UP13 project Construction of a heritage base for:

  • Service occupancy management

  • Technical asset management

As part of these activities, the DPLI wishes to set up a tool for piloting the occupation of surfaces and technical management of buildings. The Facility Land platform provides the functionalities to the specific needs of the client: Management of the allocation of surfaces

  • Type of surfaces

  • Occupant management (administrative, research, teaching, etc.)

  • Assignment management

Equipment management

  • Inventory and location of equipment

  • Identity card for each equipment

  • Identification and monitoring of equipment pathologies

  • Inventories and management of works

  • Floor and wall cladding

  • Pre-quantity survey data

  • Inventory and follow-up of openings (doors, windows ...)

  • Identification and monitoring of pathologies in structures

With adapted reporting tools

  • Real-time data and responses

  • Customized statistical reports

  • Configurable indicators

TM Facility was selected for the implementation of the Facility Land solution for the modules: Space Land - Asset management and Asset / Inventory Land - Technical asset inventory to manage 350,000 M² spread over several sites Villetaneuse - Bobigny - Saint-Denis. In order to meet the needs:

  • To be able to calculate an area SHON, SDO or USEFUL automatically.

  • To be able to export data to a Business Object type universe.

  • Have a simple tool combining power and user-friendliness.

  • Have a modifiable and functional universe for the query.

  • Have a tool allowing you to enter information all at once.

  • Have a tool that can evolve according to new needs.

Facility Land solution consists of:

  • More extensive heritage database.

  • Information sharing.

  • Possibility of synchronization of equipment as well as the type of use between the database and ACA (in both directions).

  • Conservation of summary statements as well as the possibility of requesting according to the request.

  • Possibility of controlling and optimizing the conformity of the graphic charter (specific component TM Plugin ACA).

  • Possibility of synchronization of equipment with the TM Facility Tech database (in both directions)

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