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For efficient daily management

Facility Land has the new modern Dashboard to manage data from all application modules and make the most accurate decisions thanks to the synthetic capacity BI and Big Data.

This dynamic, configurable, ergonomic dashboard

helps you quickly visualize multi-dimensional, multi-criteria KPIs.

Dashboard integration
in Facility Land

Measure the performance of the service center

  • Drive service desk efficiency by identifying bottlenecks and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) with predefined reports for incidents, changes and assets. Keep a close eye on SLAs by organizing the insights provided by tailor-made reports.

  • Easily identify and solve problems; plan your investments by visualizing real-time data in presentations; share reports in the formats and with the filters of your choice.

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Obtain new perspectives on all modules

  • Use reports based on different impacts, groups, types, associations or even different departments to target areas for improvement and monitor performance closely with regular checks.

  • Investigate report data to monitor the health of any associated incidents, issues, or changes, and minimize risk or disruption to the business. Make quick and informed decisions with accurate data from all service desk modules.

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View reports for better visibility

  • Ensure clarity of the data you want to see or present by using the data visualization tool. With automatic recommendations, as well as the option to use SmartBoards to navigate interactive visualizations, view or present the analyzes you need for better understanding.

  • Easily break down perspectives, improve your service desk planning and performance.

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Smart search filters

  • Instantly ask questions about your service desk data using the natural language query engine that requires no training. Build visualizations, add filters, and even ask questions using the search bar.

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Retained reports

  • Access stored reports to quickly share high-quality data with stakeholders. To customize it, filter the relevant data and generate the report in the format of your choice - tabular, chart or graph.

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Schedule reports

  • Automate reports to be shared regularly with relevant stakeholders. Schedule messages containing the data you want to send on a regular basis, in the format of your choice.

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  • A library of pre-configured, easy-to-use indicators.

  • The indicators according to your specific needs.

  • A catalog of visual graphical models, curves, bars, gauges ...

  • Analyzes to detect deviations from the objectives.

  • Quick control at low cost of new needs.

  • Analyzes at a glance the current situation, trends and possible anomalies and consistency of information.

For efficient daily management

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