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space Land

Eco-performance management of your real estate portfolio

Infographic base 100% BIM - IFC.
Reduce your costs and limit the risks of compliance.
Control of operating costs.
Optimizing the use of your resources with your business needs.
Improving the quality of maintenance interventions with the shortened resolution time.

For dynamic day-to-day management

Resident files

Centralization of plans

Surface management

Allocation of workstations

Steering and communication

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Space Land brings features
  • 100% BIM capacity: the benefit of data reliability, collaborative capacity, interoperability.

  • Management of repositories: Heritage data, occupants, occupying entities).

  • Graphic management in 2D, 3D from BIM-IFC sources: Autodesk Revit, Allplan, ArchiCAD ...

  • Occupation management: Surfaces, premises assignments.

  • Management of mass occupations.

  • Management of external and internal leases.

  • Management of occupant mobility: Transfer & fitting-out work .

Manage your surfaces

  • In-depth knowledge for your real estate asset management.

  • An IFC infographic base and surface area calculation.

  • Monitoring by occupant, by type of coating, makes it possible to efficiently manage the assignments of workspaces, cleaning of premises, insurance contracts, etc. technical management finally under control.

Locate your residents

  • Locate each resident by assigning them to a floor, space or workstation.

  • Immediately know the free places, the number of M² per resident and service.

Optimize the occupation of your spaces

  • Know the reception capacities of each space.

  • Automatically calculate the number of M² per workstation ...

  • Instantly identify possibilities for densification or redevelopment.

  • Reliable internal invoicing of spaces to the departments concerned.

Look at your heritage differently


  • SPACE: Manage the occupation of your buildings.

  • INVENTORY: Inventory your equipment and your works.

  • LEASE: Manage your lease contracts (price and data).

  • MOVE: Manage your locations and your moves.

  • PREVENT: Manage your multi-year work plans and your budgets.

  • DASHBOARD: Control from personalized indicators from Dashboard.


  • 100% BIM - IFC: Object Oriented IFC 4.0 with the object data model centered on the digital model of the building.

  • 100% Web: Multi-site management, simplified handling, easy deployment.

  • 100% CAD compatible: Autodesk Revit, ACA, IFC.

  • 100% Web Services Integration: Web API oriented and standard connected with LDAP Active Directory.


  • Simple and efficient

  • A unique operating principle: “One Click” information.

Space Land and the technical management of your buildings

  • Space Land allows you to master the technical management of your buildings and optimize the condition of your assets.

  • A reference base of works and equipment related to your plans.

  • Assigning each element its characteristics (technical, administrative and regulatory data, photos, etc.).

  • A precise and immediate knowledge of your works and equipment is at your disposal.

  • Count your equipment (safety, strong or weak current, etc.) according to additional criteria: obsolescence, last inspection date, etc.


Diagnose and monitor pathologies to optimize the maintenance of your assets:

  • Identify the pathologies of your structures and equipment: presence of asbestos, cracks, humidity ...

  • Define the necessary actions (preventive or curative).

Analyze and decide

Analyze :

  • Quantitative criteria

  • Geographic criteria

  • Economic criteria

  • Operational risk criteria

  • Qualitative criteria

Macro Zoning:

  • Generation of occupant flows

  • Scenario creation

  • Macro phasing

  • Identification of the source zone

  • List of services to be moved

  • Number of people / automatic workstations

Nominative geolocation:

  • Assignment of people with attribution of location

  • Automatic management of current and target situations

Equipment inventory:

  • Automatic identification of the material to be moved

Assignment of the work plan:

  • Definition of a work plan

  • Resource allocation

  • Execution monitoring

  • Final validation

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Thanks to the summary and management tables, Space Land responds to the requests of the various departments:


The General Services manage the use of the spaces on a daily basis.

  • Site managers have a clear view of building occupancy in real time.

  • The Real Estate Department anticipates future real estate needs. It can manage the heritage and has decision support.

  • Department managers have details of the areas invoiced to them.

  • The Finance Department makes tax declarations more reliable (business taxes, office taxes, etc.) and has better visibility of future investments.

  • The Technical Services precisely manage the technical data of the heritage.

  • The Heritage Manager has a clear view of the condition of his buildings on a daily basis and decides on the necessary actions: interventions, works, scheduled maintenance, etc.

  • The Real Estate Department has reliable information to decide on investment priorities.

Who uses Space Land?

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