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Our services

TM Facility's consulting services are carried out by a team of experts perfectly mastering the various real estate businesses.


In the strategic design phase, our mission is to gain a real understanding of our client's goals and environment.

With him, we define:

  • The objectives of the project

  • The proposed solutions

  • The means to implement them, to improve or support its overall strategy

We identify the success and risk factors of the chosen solution and establish the framework for our intervention with our client.


In this phase, we work with the help of working groups, interviews, analyzes and summaries to identify the best opportunities and clarify our client's strategy. After examining its organizational structure and technological infrastructure, we define the study initiatives and formalize them into value-added projects.

We prioritize on time and investment criteria.

Our consulting approach is based on the conviction that today a project based on user-oriented technologies requires an understanding of business issues and a perfect mastery of new information and communication technologies (NICT).


The implementation of TM Facility systems for the graphic management of real estate and movable assets is carried out by our teams of consultants, business experts and / or technical experts. These teams rely on rigorous methodologies and on technical capitalization based on TM Facility software packages and development toolboxes in each of the technologies used.


As a result, TM Facility is committed to the construction, deployment and delivery of its applications, within the pre-established deadlines and budget.

TM Facility knows how to adapt to the development contexts offered by companies (mixed teams, transfers of know-how, responsibilities, distributions, etc.)

The integration

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Integration stems from clients' preference for the single point of contact in the implementation of projects.

In this context, the integrator has overall responsibility for the different phases and components of the project:

  • Materials

  • Software

  • Services


TM Facility monitors the systems in order to guarantee their sustainability.


The company offers personalized project management, regular monitoring, a hotline intervening as soon as possible, application maintenance as well as training and user adoption of the system.

Application maintenance

TM Facility defines its Application Maintenance offer according to these objectives:

  • Constitution of an Application Maintenance team guaranteeing the maintenance of the functional and technical skills of the application.

  • Responsiveness in taking corrective maintenance into account.

  • Realization of requests for changes to the application.


The web technology used by TM Facility natively facilitates maintenance.

TM Facility pays particular attention to the quality level of the user maintenance service. Depending on the customer's requirements, the maintenance service can be broken down by different levels, for example first level by project managers then second level directly by the development team.

In all cases, remote maintenance by secure VPN network or other type of access is offered.


TM Facility is very attentive to the internal training of its employees in order to offer its customers a wide range of know-how, and in particular:

  • personalized on-site training;

  • an online help containing:

    • a list of questions (each question has an illustrated answer in the form of a dynamic flash demonstration).

    • an illustrated tutorial with application exercises.

User Club and website support

TM Facility customers have two very powerful tools to communicate and discuss with the publisher:


A website allowing you to be informed of the latest news and to download any useful element: latest patches, documentation, customer news, "feature tips" ...

  • A users' club which meets approximately once a year and which allows customers to take stock of short and medium-term orientations.

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