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You want to acquire a solution to manage one or more of the following subjects:
  • A multi-site real estate park to be managed by BIM: surfaces, equipment, structures, occupancy, leasing, etc.

  • A pool of IT and non-IT assets, licenses, purchasing processes, legal contracts ...

  • Daily requests, problems and incidents that come from multiservices: General Services, HR Department, Purchasing Department, Legal Department, etc.

  • A fleet of vehicles: contracts, rents, insurance, allocation ...

  • Asset management with the optimization of space occupation for the Real Estate Division.

Your challenges are

both economic and strategic

  • Optimizing the management of the budgets of the departments concerned by perfect knowledge of their distribution and use.

  • Anticipate upcoming expenses.

  • To have a tool or a solution allowing to prioritize in an optimal way the investments of resources aiming at having the best result and reducing costs.

You want to set up

  • A simple and effective solution. Facility Land consists of a large number of integrated subsystems that can help your business to effectively manage your needs ...

  • The use of data within your company by responding to the digital transformation revolution: mobility, teleworking, connected objects ...

  • Provision to users in a clear and intuitive way.

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You expect out-of-the-box features

  • Allowing to facilitate the work of professionals of IT or other fields by eliminating manual tasks.

  • Unifying the administration of multichannel management in the multiservice environment, inventories of hardware, software and even vehicles ...

  • Automation of attribution, notification in the process of complex treatment.

  • Adapting well to the digital transformation and the challenges of digital evolution: teleworking, mobility ...

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  • We have the solutions to meet your challenges.

  • Our solutions adapt well to changes in your business.

  • Facility Land interfaces easily with your: CRMs, Data Warehouse, Accounting, Marketing ...

  • Our solutions provide an intuitive user experience (UX) and modern ergonomics.

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Not only do we have the software, but we specifically develop tailor-made solutions for your customers or employees.

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