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BPI invests in TMFacility - A big step towards a sustainable future!

Bpifrance, the bank for entrepreneurs, played a key role by injecting 67 billion euros into the financing of the French economy.

It is with immense pride that we announce that TM Facility has been selected to benefit from this support.

➡ Bpifrance has made the strategic decision to accompany us in our development, ecological and energy transition, and innovation projects. Their commitment to us is a crucial step for the sustainable growth of our activities, and we are more motivated than ever to fulfill our mission.

➡ More specifically, this partnership with Bpifrance opens up exciting new prospects for TM Facility. Indeed, it will allow us to continue innovating in our development,

➡ On the one hand, for innovative energy management solutions in BIM mode, which will enable you to optimize your energy footprints in your buildings.

➡ And on the other hand, in the management of space occupation in FlexOffice mode.

♻ Our goal is to make your facilities more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Together, with Bpifrance, we are shaping a future where energy and economic efficiency become a reality, and where every action matters in the fight against climate change.

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